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- Adesto Technologies provides application-specific and memory solutions optimized for the energy, data and security demands of IoT devices designed for the industrial, consumer, medical and communications markets.

Adesto’s Flagship memory family:

DataFlash: Saves system energy, reduces board part count, saves microcontroller I/Os, widest operating voltage and power fail protection.
Fusion: Designed for battery operated devices in the IoT space. Widest operating voltage and lowest standby current in the industry.
Standard Flash: Lowest cost alternative, industry standard footprint and densities up to 128 Mb.
Moneta: Industry’s lowest power memory. Core voltage at 1.2 volts and 50 times lower power than competing data storage solutions.

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AT25PE DataFlash®-L Smart Memory

Adesto Technologies' DataFlash® E-series family of non-volatile memory devices provide higher system efficiency and lower system costs. Learn More

2.5 to 3.6 V Block Erase Serial Flash

Adesto offers their SPI-compatible Flash memory with dual- and quad-I/O support designed for high-volume, consumer-based applications. Learn More

DataFlash® E Series

Adesto Technologies' DataFlash E series of non-volatile memory devices are ideally suited for digital voice, image, program code and other memory applications. Learn More

AT25DFxxx Block Erase Serial Flash

Adesto's AT25DFxxx block erase serial Flash family features variable-sized page programming 1 to 256 bytes at a time. Learn More

AT45DBxxx DataFlash

Adesto Technologies' AT45DBxxx DataFlash devices offer users the ability to perform completely self-contained, read-modify-write operation with minimal system overhead. Learn More

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