New Product Discoveries - Flex Power Modules PMU8000 PoL Converter and Owon Technology

This installment of New Product Discoveries covers the PMU8000 Series Point-of-Load (PoL) Converters from Flex Power Modules and three products from OWON Technology.

The PMU8000 series is a set of quality regulators that can output 4 to 8 A from a small, low-profile package. Their high-efficiency rating of over 95% (at half load) and outstanding thermal performance give them a quality price/performance ratio, helping them be more easily implemented as an accessible solution for many designs.

PMU8318 PoL Module (Image Source: Flex Power Modules)

There are currently three power rating options available, and evaluation boards for each corresponding module.

OWON Technology is a test and measurement company that leads the industry in mini color LCDs that are implemented into their quality products.

In the attached video we cover three products from them:

  1. SP3051: an AC to DC 0 ~ 30 V single channel benchtop power supply
  2. SDS1102: a 2 channel, 100Mhz oscilloscope with 10K record length and 1GS/s

XDS3204AE: a 4 channel, 200Mhz oscilloscope with WiFi capability and many more features

XDS3204AE Oscilloscope (Image Source: OWON Technology)

These three products are just a small sampling of the quality test and measurement products OWON Technology has to offer. The suppliers and products here, plus many more, are available at

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