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MIKROE-2913 Barcode Click Board - Mikroelektronika
MIKROE-2913 Barcode Click Board

The MIKROE-2913 Barcode click from MikroElektronika is a very fast and agile barcode scanner on a click Board™.

Image of Schurter's 4797-5 Series Appliance Outlets
4797-5 Series Appliance Outlets

SCHURTER's 4797-5 series IEC appliance outlet with integrated light pipes provide a space and cost-saving solution for intelligent PDUs.

Image of EPC's EPC9204 Evaluation Board for EPC2111
EPC9204 Evaluation Board for EPC2111

EPC's EPC9204 development board provides an eGaN IC based power module, featuring the EPC2111 eGaN® IC (enhancement-mode gallium nitride integrated circuit).

Image of EPC's EPC9131 Demonstration Board for EPC2112
EPC9131 Demonstration Board for EPC2112

EPC's demonstration board EPC9131 is easy to set up to evaluate the performance of the EPC2112 eGaN® IC and directly driven from the controller IC.

Image of Desktop PCB Milling Machine - Bantam Tools
Desktop PCB Milling Machine

Bantam Tools' desktop PCB milling machine effortlessly handles double-sided PCBs with 6 mil trace and space while milling directly from Gerber files.

Drone Solutions

TE Connectivity specializes in a host of highly reliable components and electromechanical solutions for even the harshest environments in the UAV/drone market.

Image of TDK/Lambda's CUS200LD Series Power Supplies
CUS200LD Series Power Supplies

TDK's conduction/convection cooled 31 mm high power supplies have up to 206 W peak loading and are ideal for signage applications requiring a low profile.

Image of Crouzet’s V5D Sub-Subminiature Microswitches
V5D Sub-Subminiature Microswitches

Crouzet's V5D sub-subminiature microswitch is a coil spring snap-action mechanism with wiping contacts.

QFWB Level IV Power Supplies

Qualtek's QFWB series power supplies feature an energy efficiency Level VI and a 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm output plug.

Image of LYTSwitch™-6 LED Driver ICs - Power Integrations
LYTSwitch™-6 LED Driver ICs

Power Integrations' LYTSwitch™-6 LED driver ICs are available in a high creepage, safety-compliant SOP-24D package.

Image of Crouzet's V3DS Miniature Microswitches
V3DS Miniature Microswitches

Crouzet’s V3DS coil spring snap-action mechanism with wiping contacts allows current ratings range from 1 mA at 4 VDC to 10 A at 250 VAC.

Image of EPC’s EPC9130 Regulated Converter
EPC9130 Regulated Converter

EPC’s EPC9130 demonstration board features a power density exceeding 1000 W per cubic inch, and over 96% efficiency.

Image of ITT Cannon's CTC Series Connectors
CTC Series Connectors

ITT Cannon's CTC series connectors are extremely simple to install and maintain and are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Image of Schurter's 2570 Series Appliance Inlets
2570 Series Appliance Inlets

SCHURTER's 2570 series appliance inlets provide various mounting variants and terminal options for both industrial and consumer applications.

Image of Bourns' SF-0402FPxxxF Series Singlfuse™ SMD Fuses
SF-0402FPxxxF Series Singlfuse™ SMD Fuses

Bourns' SF-0402FPxxxF Series fast-acting precision thin film SinglFuse SMD Fuses in an ultra-small 0402 footprint.