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Amphenol RFs industry-leading FAKRA product line meets both FAKRA and USCAR standards with such features as 14 different mechanical and color codes, plastic housing with locking feature and audible clicking noise, minimum of 100 mating cycles and a frequency range of DC to 6 GHz. These connectors are available in numerous configurations with straight, and right angle solutions for cable applications, as well as edge-launch and PCB designs. Additionally, they are usable on multiple coaxial cables (RG-58, RG-174, RG-316, RG-178 and other micro-cables).

With the introduction of autonomous and connected cars into the market, there has been an overwhelming demand for a space conscious, high-performance interface that can support data transmission rates up to 20 Gbps. Amphenol RF’s next generation line of automotive interconnect technology, AUTOMATE (mini-FAKRA), is able to meet this evolving trend in automotive innovation. Designed with the same popular features traditional FAKRA, AUTOMATE offers improved performance operating up to an impressive 15 GHz with industry leading mating forces in a reduced package size.


Autonomous Vehicles
Self-driving vehicles operate without human control, using sensors and advanced processing to safely drive and navigate.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
ADAS systems use sensors to monitor vehicle surroundings, alert drivers of unsafe conditions, and take corrective actions such as automatically braking.

360° Cameras
Vehicle cameras have evolved beyond simple backup functions to providing 360-degree surround-vehicle views, driver monitoring, and object recognition for autonomous navigation.

GPS Navigation
GPS is a satellite navigation system that continuously provides location and time information up to centimeter-level accuracy.

High Bandwidth Infotainment
Advanced infotainment systems utilize high resolution displays and instrument clusters to deliver video feeds, safety alerts, GPS navigation, interfaces to Internet applications and Bluetooth-connected devices, and other services.

Remote Start and Vehicle Control
Wireless key fobs and smartphone applications enable remote start, climate control, door/window controls, and keyless entry.

Antenna Connections
Automotive antennas support Wi-Fi, 4G/5G cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, remote start and control, AM/FM/XM and satellite radio, and DSRC/V2X communication.

DSRC/V2X Communication
Wireless data sharing protocols between vehicles and external objects facilitate safety systems, autonomous navigation, and intelligent transportation systems.

Remote sensing Laser-based detection and object recognition, collision mitigation, 3D mapping

High-frequency radio-wave detection and object recognition for collision mitigation

ECU/Compute Modules
Brain of the vehicle, consolidates all processing functions from cameras, LiDAR, RADAR, etc. for analysis and decision making.

Tire Pressure Monitoring
Sensors detect and transmit data on tire temperature and inflation pressure to monitor for signs of potential danger.

Core Competencies

  • Custom camera interconnect with blindmate and board-to-board configurations
  • Waterproof IP67/68 sealed and ruggedized solutions 
  • Color coded and mechanically keyed automotive connectors
  • Quick mating and quick disconnect RF connectors
  • Customized hybrid solutions supporting RF, signal and power
  • Custom cable assemblies and sub-systems

Featured Products

FAKRA Connectors

FAKRA Connectors
  • 14 different mechanical and color key codes
  • Robust plastic housing with secure locking feature
  • Tape and reel packaging
  • Sealed options available

FAKRA to FAKRA Cable Assemblies

FAKRA to FAKRA Cable Assemblies
  • Universally keyed Z code connectors
  • High-frequency transmission up to 3 GHz
  • No additional tooling required

FAKRA to AMC Cable Assemblies

FAKRA to AMC Cable Assemblies
  • Ideal for compact infrastructure
  • Sealed when mounted
  • Universally keyed

FAKRA to AMC4 Cable Assemblies

FAKRA to AMC4 Cable Assemblies
  • Ideal for compact infrastructure
  • Automotive and IoT solution
  • Universally keyed

HSD Cable Assemblies

HSD Cable Assemblies
  • 100 ohm connector system for differential, digital, data transmission
  • Female contact closed entry to prevent mismatching and stubbing
  • One solution for many digital transmission standards
  • Optimized EMI-Shielding according to CISPR25
  • Data rate up to 1.6 Gbps


  • High frequency, high bandwidth design
  • Modular multi-port design configuration
  • Impact Resistant
  • Ideal for compact spaces

Waterproof sealed solutions are engineered to protect your application from outside elements and are fully tested to IP67 specifications in the mated and unmated condition.

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