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TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation (Tokyo Denkikagaku Kogyo) was established in December 1935 with the aim of becoming the world's first commercial manufacturer of the magnetic material ferrite. TDK, since then, has continued ceaselessly to turn out a variety of products and services making use of its materials technology, centering on ferrite and ceramics, and processing technology, which draws out the properties of materials to the maximum degree. The founding spirit of TDK, "contribute to culture and industry through creativity," continues to this day to pulsate throughout the company.

YFF Series Feed Through Filter

Image of TDK's YFF Series: Feed Through Filter

TDK’s YFF series feed-though filters unique internal design allows for low parallel inductance and offers excellent noise reduction capability for high-speed digital IC decoupling. Learn More

CLF-NI-D Series Power Inductors

Image of TDK's CLF-NI-D Series Power Inductors

TDK’s CLF-NI-D power inductors are magnetically shielded, wire wound inductors with a magnetic ferrite core, designed for use in automotive applications. Learn More

NTCG Series Thermistors

Image of TDK's NTCG Series Thermistors

TDK introduces their NTCG series negative temperature coefficient thermistors with extremely high rates of resistance change to accurately track the temperature. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of TDK's FG Series Halogen Free Dipped Radial Ceramic Capacitors

FG Series, Halogen-Free Ceramic Capacitors with Dipped Radial Leads

TDK's halogen-free FG series ceramic capacitors with dipped radial leads feature high reliability, up to 150°C rated temperature tolerance, and high humidity resistance. Learn More

Image of TDK's Engineering Sample Kits

MLCC, Inductor, Varistor, and Ferrite Bead Engineering Sample Kits

TDK offers engineers and customers numerous options of MLCC, inductor, and ferrite bead kits. Learn More

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Image of TDK's VLS-AF Series Power Inductors

VLS-AF Series Power Inductors

TDK's VLS-AF series inductors were designed for use in Class D amplifiers of AI, Bluetooth™, television speakers, and more.

Learn More
Image of EPCOS NT series ThermoFuse™ varistor

ThermoFuse™ NT Series Varistors

EPCOS ThermoFuse™ compact NT series varistors are connected in series with a thermally coupled fuse to help prevent potential damage on the PCB or components.

Learn More

B3203x Series Film Capacitors

TDK EPCOS MKP Y2 B3203x series film capacitors for EMI suppression feature a permissible rated voltage of 350 VAC and a broad capacitance range.

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Image of TDK's MPZ-H Series Chip Beads

MPZ-H Series Chip Beads

TDK’s MPZ-H series chip beads are suitable for noise removal in devices such as smartphone and tablet terminals, PCs and recorders, and household appliances.

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Image of EPCOS' B82724J8 Current-Compensated Ring Core Chokes

B82724J8 Ring Core Chokes

EPCOS' B82724J8 current-compensated ring core powerline double chokes are designed for frequency converters and power supplies.

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Image of TDK's TCM0906C Series Common-Mode Filters

TCM0906C Series Common-Mode Filters

TDK's TCM0906C series common-mode filters feature a signal line that ensures common-mode impedance with little effect on high-speed transmission signals.

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Tools & Support

Image of TDK Capacitor's World

TDK Capacitor's World

TDK Capacitor's World: A Guidebook to TDK's Capacitor Products Learn More

Image of TDK Inductor's World

TDK Inductor's World

TDK Inductor's World: A Guidebook to TDK's Inductor Products Learn More

Image of TDK's EMC Guidebook

EMC Guidebook

EMC Guidebook A Guidebook to TDK's EMC Products Learn More

Image of TDK's MLCC Website

How to Use MLCC Web site

How to Use MLCC Web Site: A Guide to Using TDK's Capacitor Product Portal Learn More

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Image of EPCOS Leaded Chokes

Leaded Chokes (Inductors)

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduce EPCOS's wirewound fixed inductors and discuss their features, the markets available, and the product offering.

Gas-filled contactor

Gas-Filled Contactor for High-Voltage DC Switching Applications

Duration: 5 minutes

An overview of the Gas Filled Contactor component for application in the electric vehicle market, solar array installations, and energy stand alone storage systems.

ERU Surface Mount, High-Current Power Inductors

ERU Surface Mount High-Current Power Inductors

Duration: 10 minutes

The ERU series of helical power inductors by TDK Corporation feature a very low profile, high rated current, low DC resistance and a large contact area.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Protection

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Protection

Duration: 20 minutes

Information of the battery charging and discharging circuit architectures within the hybrid electric and electric vehicle applications.

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TDK Epcos Eyelet Sensors | Digi-Key Daily

EPCOS screw-on eyelet temperature sensors are suited for surface measurement sensing, detection, and monitoring in applications such as heat sinks, ovens, induction cooktops, and other household appliances.

Publish Date: 2018-10-15

CGA Series - Soft Termination

Automotive grade MLCCs with soft termination for crack mitigation

Publish Date: 2018-09-13

CGA Series - Mid Voltage (100V - 630V)

Automotive grade MLCCs for xEV higher withstand voltage applications

Publish Date: 2018-09-13

CGA Series - General Capacitors (Up to 50V) Vol 1

Automotive grade MLCCs for ADAS ECU power supply circuit applications

Publish Date: 2018-09-13

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