ECP130 Series - 130 Watt AC-DC Power Supply in 2" x 3" Footprint

The ECP130 Series power supply from XP Power. 100 W Convection/130 W Forced-cooled Ratings. 2" x 3" Footprint. Low 1.1" Profile. High Efficiency, up to 95%. Medical and ITE Approvals. High Power Density. Less than 0.5 W No Load Input Power.

11/2/2017 2:21:56 PM

Part List

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
ECP130PS12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 100W/130W87 - ImmediateView Details
ECP130PS24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 100W/130W27 - ImmediateView Details
ECP130PS18AC/DC CONVERTER 18V 100W/130W25 - ImmediateView Details
ECP130PS15AC/DC CONVERTER 15V 100W/130W21 - ImmediateView Details
ECP130PS36AC/DC CONVERTER 36V 100W/130W14 - ImmediateView Details
ECP130PS48AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 100W/130W8 - ImmediateView Details
ECP130PS28AC/DC CONVERTER 28V 100W/130W4 - ImmediateView Details